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作 者: 朱颖婷    程慧华    金颖    徐开轶    夏之秋    漆微韡    骆晓枫

作者单位: 朱颖婷,程慧华,金颖,徐开轶,夏之秋,漆微韡,ZHU Ying-ting,CHENG Hui-hua,JING Ying,XU Kai-yi,XIA Zhi-qiu,QI Wei-wei(中山大学中山医学院临床医学一系,广州,510080)
骆晓枫,LUO Xiao-feng(中山大学基础医学实验教学中心分子医学实验室,广州,510080)

Abstract:Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is the unique extranuclear genome of human being, and strictly maternally inherited. Mitochondrial DNA has high mutation rate and substantial accumulation of mutation. Therefore, the polymorphism of mtDNA plays an important role in the study of individual identity, population relationship, and consanguinity identification, etc, which will be discussed in details.

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