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现代人类学通讯: 妇女地位的提高与湖南维吾尔族的文化变迁 C.A.3:e2/8-12   Online published on Apr. 16, 2009.
Rising of Women’s Status and Culture Changing of Hunan Uygur Viewed from the Conflict Concerning a Funeral
TONG Chunxia
School of Anthropology and Sociology, Minzu University of China, Beijing 100081 China

ABSTRACT: The Uygur population migrated to Hunan province in early Ming Dynasty, and had kept their culture pretty well since then, until recent several years. This article, getting enlightened from the conflict concerning a funeral of the Hunan Uygur, suggested that the raising of women’ family status and the important roles in cultural passing down between generations in family could be responsible for the culture changing of the Hunan Uygur since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Key words: Hunan Uygur; Family status of the women; Cultural changing

Recieved: Mar.28, 2009 Accepted: Apr. 15,2009Corresponding:
《现代人类学通讯》第三卷e2篇 第8-12页2009年4月16日网上发行
中央民族大学民族学与社会学学院,北京 100081

收稿日期:2009年3月28日修回日期:2009年4月15日 联系人:佟春霞

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