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关于芬-乌戈尔语人群的遗传结构和起源:Richard Indreko的综述

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TRAMES: A Journal of the Humanities & Social Sciences; 2001, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p59,
The Concepts of Richard Indreko About the Origin of the Finno-Ugric Speakers and the Population Genetics of the Extant North-East European Populations

Archaeologists define their findings in terms of cultures and industries, linguists operate with languages, and the basic unit in biological anthropology is population. Intermarriages of these three systems have raised, and are still doing so, fascinatingly controversial speculations. In the current paper our intention is to discuss the accumulating data of population genetics in a specific context: in the light of scenarios of Richard Indreko, suggested in his half a century old paper. Our approach is to couple the genetic evidence (mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome data) of Finno-Ugric speaking populations with this archaeological vision.

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