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Genetic diversity and haplotype structure of 24 Y-chromosomal STR in Chinese Hui ethnic group and its genetic relationships with other populations.[size=0.923em]Zhu BF1, Zhang YD, Liu WJ, Meng HT, Yuan GL, Lv Z, Dong N, Li Q, Zhang YH, Hou YL, Qian L, Fan SL, Xu P.
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AbstractIn the present study, 24 Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat (Y-STR) loci were analyzed in 115 unrelated Hui male individuals from Haiyuan county or Tongxin county, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China, to evaluate the forensic application of the 24 STR loci and to analyze interpopulation differentiations by making comparisons between the Hui group data and previously published data of other 13 populations. A total of 115 different haplotypes were observed on these 24 Y-STR loci. The gene diversities ranged from 0.4049 (DYS437) to 0.9729 (DYS385a,b). The overall haplotype diversity was 1 at AGCU 24 Y-STR loci level, while the values were reduced to 0.999237, 0.996949 and 0.996644 at the Y-filer 17 loci, 11 Y-STR loci of extended haplotype and 9 Y-STR loci of minimal haplotype levels, respectively; whereas, haplotype diversity for additional 7 loci (not included in Y-filer 17 loci) was 0.995271. The pairwise FST , multidimensional scaling plot and neighbor-joining tree indicated the Hui group had the closest genetic relationship with Sala in the paternal lineage in the present study. In summary, the results in our study indicated the 24 Y-STRs had a high level of polymorphism in Hui group and hence could be a powerful tool for forensic application and population genetic study. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


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看了下数据, 其中F444五例(4.3%),M117八例(7%),都不高,和外蒙日本的比例近似了。
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ID 171512,131229231114131011141817151912121125311021,22F492
ID 421513,13122923111413912141816151912121125321021,23F492
ID 721513,141228231014131012141817152011121126301121,23F492
ID 1011512,131229231114131011141817151912121125311020,21F492
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