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Human occupation of northern Australia by 65,000 years ago | Nature
作者:Chris Clarkson, Zenobia Jacobs[…]Colin Pardoe
Nature volume 547, pages 306–310 (20 July 2017)

30 November 2016
19 May 2017
Published online:
19 July 2017

The time of arrival of people in Australia is an unresolved question. It is relevant to debates about when modern humans first dispersed out of Africa and when their descendants incorporated genetic material from Neanderthals, Denisovans and possibly other hominins. Humans have also been implicated in the extinction of Australia’s megafauna.
    Here we report the results of new excavations conducted at Madjedbebe, a rock shelter in northern Australia. Artefacts in primary depositional context are concentrated in three dense bands, with the stratigraphic integrity of the deposit demonstrated by artefact refits and by optical dating and other analyses of the sediments.

    Human occupation began around 65,000 years ago, with a distinctive stone tool assemblage including grinding stones(磨盘石), ground ochres(研磨赫石), reflective additives(反光添加剂) and ground-edge hatchet heads(开刃石斧头). This evidence sets a new minimum age for the arrival of humans in Australia, the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa, and the subsequent interactions of modern humans with Neanderthals and Denisovans.
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Figure 1: Site location and stratigraphy.

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Figure 2: Artefacts from the 2012 and 2015 excavations.

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