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北朝鮮人123例 23 Y-STR 數據

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Genetic characteristics of Y-chromosome short tandem repeat haplotypes from cigarette butt samples presumed to be smoked by North Korean men


Korea has been divided into South Korea and North Korea for over 70 years. DNA profiles of the North Korean population have never been reported in the Y-chromosome STR Haplotype Reference Database (YHRD; To investigate genetic features of Y-chromosome STR haplotypes of the North Korean population for the first time. Genomic DNA was isolated from 838 cigarette butts assumed to have been smoked by North Korean men and amplified with PowerPlex Y23 (PPY23) kit. Statistical parameters were calculated using Nei’s formula and analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA). Multidimensional scaling (MDS) plot was constructed by the AMOVA tool and neighbor-joining (NJ) tree was constructed by MEGA 6.06. A total of 121 haplotypes were analyzed for PPY23 loci from a sample population. Haplotype diversity and discrimination capacity were 0.9992 and 0.9837, respectively. Genetic diversities ranged from 0.2981 to 0.9716. For the 16 Y-filer loci and eight minimal loci, respectively 90.9 and 82.6% of the matched haplotypes were estimated to belong to haplogroup O, representing the Southeast and East Asian type. The MDS plot and NJ tree indicated that the samples are most closely related to South Korean. In addition, p-value in the pairwise comparison to the South Korean was slightly above statistical significance (p = 0.0534). The Y-STR haplotypes of the samples were unique and highly genetically polymorphic. Despite the separation between North and South Korea for 70 years, they can still be considered a single genetic population, based on Y-STR haplotypes.

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-75c43c4fb1886ae2.jpg 网上看到这个,应该就是这份数据的。
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