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Genetic characterization of Y-chromosomal STRs in Hazara ethnic group of Pakistan and confirmation of DYS448 null allele


Pakistan harbors 18 major ethnic groups and Hazara is one of the distinct but smaller groups comprising 0.090% of the total population. Hazara individuals have typical Mongolian facial features and they claim to be descendants of Genghis Khan’s army in the first quarter of the thirteenth century AD. In this study, we genotyped 153 unrelated males living in Quetta, Baluchistan, Pakistan, for a total of 26 (n = 153) to 30 (n = 47) Y-chromosomal STR loci. One hundred forty unique haplotypes were developed for Hazara population using the PowerPlex Y23 loci. The Y-STR locus showed a genetic diversity ranging from 0.2384 to 0.7918, and an overall discrimination capacity (DC) of 91.5%. The Hazara population samples were profiled for three additional Y-STRs (DYS388, DYS449 and DYS460), which increased the number of unique haplotypes to 144 while the DC increased to 94.11% in Hazara Population of Pakistan. Interestingly, null alleles were observed at DYS448 in 25 individuals of Hazara population. The Hazaras showed significant differences from other local populations of Pakistan as well as neighboring populations, but had considerable genetic affinities to Kazakhs and Mongols.
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