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The Arrival of Siberian Ancestry Connecting the Eastern Baltic to Uralic Spea...

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In this study, we compare the genetic ancestry of individuals from two as yet genetically unstudied cultural traditions in Estonia in the context of available modern and ancient datasets: 15 from the Late Bronze Age stone-cist graves (1200–400 BC) (EstBA) and 6 from the Pre-Roman Iron Age tarand cemeteries (800/500 BC–50 AD) (EstIA). We also included 5 Pre-Roman to Roman Iron Age Ingrian (500 BC–450 AD) (IngIA) and 7 Middle Age Estonian (1200–1600 AD) (EstMA) individuals to build a dataset for studying the demographic history of the northern parts of the Eastern Baltic from the earliest layer of Mesolithic to modern times. Our findings are consistent with EstBA receiving gene flow from regions with strong Western hunter-gatherer (WHG) affinities and EstIA from populations related to modern Siberians. The latter inference is in accordance with Y chromosome (chrY) distributions in present day populations of the Eastern Baltic, as well as patterns of autosomal variation in the majority of the westernmost Uralic speakers [1–5]. This ancestry reached the coasts of the Baltic Sea no later than the mid-first millennium BC; i.e., in the same time window as the diversification of west Uralic (Finnic) languages [6]. Furthermore, phenotypic traits often associated with modern Northern Europeans, like light eyes, hair, and skin, as well as lactose tolerance, can be traced back to the Bronze Age in the Eastern Baltic. Video Abstract: Saag et al. present aDNA from the teeth of 33 individuals from the Eastern Baltic dating to 3,200–400 years ago. They find that the Bronze Age in the Eastern Baltic brings an increase in hunter-gatherer ancestry and the Iron Age delivers genetic input from Siberia that also connects modern European Uralic speakers to those living much further east.
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N北大概在公元前一千纪中期的铁器时代才到达波罗的海东岸,也就是2500年前的中国春秋末年。论文发表于 ...

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