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我想请问一下论坛各位大大 摩尔人在西班牙数百年的统治对西班牙人的血统有多大的影响?那现代西班牙人的人种构成是怎样的?…………
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搜索 spain 或 Iberi ,有很多文献,数据自己看.
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搜索 spain 或 Iberi ,有很多文献,数据自己看.
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我英语不好 不过还是谢谢了
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本身南欧就属于地中海型,R1的血统是后来的吧。 另外,巴斯克人又属于哪一类呢?
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mtDNA Sequences Show Multidirectional Gene Flow in the Western Mediterranean
S. Plaza, F. Calafell, A. Helal, N. Bouzerna, G. Lefranc, J. Bertranpetit and D. Comas
                         Genetic Exchange Through the Mediterranean

Each of the subregions analysed (NW Africa and SW Europe) shows sequences that originated on the opposite shore of the Mediterranean. This is particularly clear in the case of U6 and L in SW Europe. L sequences are found at frequencies 3% in Iberia and 2.4% in Italy. Given the relatively high frequencies of L sequences in NW Africa, it is not clear whether they were contributed by the historical populations movements from the south to the north of the Mediterranean (such as the Moslem invasions of the 7th-11th centuries), or whether its presence is associated with other processes not directly linked to NW Africa. Out of 23 different L sequences in Iberia, two were also found in NW Africa (as well as in sub-Saharan Africa), and 7 others were found in sub-Saharan Africa (in a dataset comprising 1,158 individuals from 20 populations; Graven et al. 1995, Pinto et al. 1996; Watson et al. 1996; Mateu et al. 1997; Rando et al. 1998; Krings et al. 1999; Pereira et al. 2001; Brehm et al. 2002) but not in NW Africa. Treating the set of L sequences in Iberia as if it were a population reveals genetic distances from some W African populations, such as the Senegalese and Yoruba, that are slightly smaller than those between L sequences in Iberia and NW Africa. Thus, it may be the case that gene flow from NW Africa is not entirely responsible for the presence of L sequences in Iberia.
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