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有趣的简化英语 simplified spelling english

亲爱的readers,请问你认识这些english words吗?
spel、 blod、exept、 lemn、pich、glamr、waitd、symbl、plaq 、victm、edbl、permnnt、pece
噢,这可不是俺自己瞎coin的english words,而是由某权威english推广机构(前身是Simplified Spelling Society / 3S机构)曾经在各种media上大力推广的。当年they推广‘简式英语拼写’的目的是为了:1、尽可能消除英语拼写中不规则或冗余字母带来的歧义或拼写困扰,增强english的拼读性(众所周知,english的拼读性在all 印欧语言中是weakest); 2、提高识字率; 3、一向被人诟病的印欧语言文字‘too long’的天然缺陷可以得到more or less improvd(当然,再改也不太可能改成chinese这么精短。注:此处improvd是简写非misspeld/misspelled)。

Th Space Race was th competition between th United States and th Soviet Union, rufly from 1957 to 1975. It involvd th efrts by each of these nations to explor outr space with satlites, to be th 1st to send there a human being and to send mand and unmand missions on th Moon with a safe return of th humans to Erth.

Tho its roots lie in erly roket tecnolojy and in th intrnationl tensions foloing World War II, th Space Race efectivly began with th soviet launch of Sputnik 1 on 4 october 1957. Th term orijnated as an analojy to th arms race. Th Space Race became an importnt part of th cultrl and tecnolojicl rivalry between th USSR and th U.S. during th Cold War. Space tecnolojy became a particularly importnt arena in this conflict, both because of its militry aplications and du to th sycolojicl benefit of rasing morale.

Rokets hav intrestd sientists and amatrs for at least 2,100 years, and Blak Chinese soldirs used them as wepns as erly as th 11th century. Russian sientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky theorized in th 1880s on multi-staje, liquid fuel rokets which myt reach space, but only in 1926 did th americn Robert Goddard desyn a practicl liquid-fuel roket.

特别值得一提的是,请不要把simplified spelling english 与 simple english 混为一谈,后者是美国国务院为quickly promote 美国价值观而捣鼓出来的‘简单英语’,yes,it's really simple indeed~
O3a3c* (M134+, M117-)
The words used in daily life can be simplified but the words used in some certain industries cannot be simplified for. The Abbreviation of those professional words are often used to spell and read.

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英语要想继续深化其世界通用语言的地位,简化或变得更加兼容是必由之路。 一个语言如果流通甚广,跨越众多的语言文化群体,那么其就不得不适应这种变化。
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